We The People

A song dedicated to anyone who has devoted their time and efforts towards the good fight. With the recent elections and the current political climate, it is evident that many have felt the need to get up and speak out. Wether you are far left, far right, or somewhere in the middle, the opportunity to have your voice heard is what makes our nation prideful and unique. 

Our message is simply this, tolerance is the key to a strong union. Be willing to listen to one another and be open to a compromise. If our basic rights are challenged, we must unify in order to challenge the source of that threat. For we the people, are the power!

Featuring Joey Colarusso - Bari. Sax

Beto Martinez - Studio Engineer 
Matt Carr - Mixing Engineer 
Michael Rey De Leon - Mastering Engineer 
Adrian Quintero - Album Artwork



Enjoy our 2nd EP entitled SUBE!!! And this time with special guest Beto Martinez, guitarist from Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, and Money Chicha!!! Beto not only played an intricate part in the recording and mixing process, but he also graced us with the sound of a soulful, funkified, and oh so sweet sounding guitar solo on our track, Switched Up. 

We would like to thank Beto Martinez, Sam Patlove, and Michael Rey De Leon for helping us make this album a reality. It is truly a blessing to collaborate with these amazing people. And remember! as Dr. Funk would say, "funk on, never funk off!"

Studio Engineer / Mixing - Beto Martinez
Mixing - Michael Rey De Leon
Mastering - Sam Patlove
Album Artwork - Adrian Quintero


Here To Stay

Ex Romantika's debut album, dedicated to DACA! This four song EP is a sample of the bands ability to write and perform music that is a culmination of various musical styles. Our goal is to make people dance through the use of latin rhythms while also drawing upon the improvisational element found in funk.

We would like to give a special thanks to Michael Rey De Leon and Rick Del Castillo for making this project a great experience! Thank you for your talents and most importantly, your patience!

Studio Engineer - Rick Del Castillo
Mixing & Mastering - Michael Rey De Leon
Album Artwork - Alfonso Casanova & Iram Reyes